Transportation within Ann Arbor

Photograph by Jae-Young Shim

Several transportation options are available for getting around within Ann Arbor and for traveling to and from the city. The best option for transportation between North and Central Campus is the University Bus System. This campus bus is free and runs frequently North and Central Campuses.

A good choice for navigating the city beyond campus is the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority bus system. AATA’s website provides maps of the area, as well as bus tracking. The AATA buses cost $1.50 per ride, with free transfers (not valid on return trips). For more help using the AATA, you can call (734) 996-0400.

Several taxi companies also provide transportation around town. While available taxis in Ann Arbor usually cannot be found cruising around looking for customers, they do often sit in front of the Michigan Union and bus and train stations.

Taxi Companies in Ann Arbor: