Course Reading Material Options for Faculty

We strongly urge our Institute faculty to use the CTools course management system through the University of Michigan. On CTools, you may upload your syllabus, readings, and assignments. Each course at the institute already has a CTools site and our Institute faculty have already been given access to that site, so you may begin using it as early as you wish. We are happy to help you with uploading or answering any questions about CTools anytime. Just email Jae-Young Shim at More detailed instructions for using CTools are included in the CTools page. We have also included information below on ordering textbooks and course packs.

Instructors can place a request to reserve course materials in the University Reserves database by selecting the “Linguistics Summer Institute” as the department and manually adding the three digit number that is assigned to the CTools for their course. You can also email to place a request.


Faculty should be mindful of fair use policies and understand that violations of copyright are their responsibility. Following the laws of copyright protection and fair use is the responsibility of the faculty teaching the course.

Photocopying and printing

We very strongly encourage our faculty to go paperless during the Institute by using our CTools system. However, we will have photocopying available. Faculty will be able to print to printers in our business office, and we will be able to make photocopies for our Institute faculty. The Institute will provide up to 500 pages of printing per faculty member; however, we urge you to only print what you truly need to have in hard copy as we will be charged for each printed page.  The photocopying service is intended for small jobs; we will not be able to photocopy articles and reading materials faculty wish to have students read (for those, please either use CTools or order a textbook or course pack using the information below). Requests for copying must be made 24 hours before the copies are needed.

Ordering Textbooks

If you would like to have students purchase a published book, you may put in an order with one of our textbook stores on campus, Ulrich’s Bookstore. To order, you may contact the bookstore at 734-662-3201, or you may contact the store’s buyer, Irv Scheel, at All book orders for the Linguistic Institute should be submitted no later than May 10. The information the buyer will need to know is:

  • The book’s ISBN number, title, author, and edition

  • Approximate enrollment for the class (we can give you update estimates on this on request)

  • Whether the book is required or optional.

Ordering Coursepacks

If you choose to print course-packets, perhaps the most convenient, although probably not the cheapest, option is Kolossos printing (734-994-0454). Kolossos printing can print three-hole-punch and coil-bound course packets, which can then be bought by students at their shop, which is very close to (and walkable from) Central Campus at 1214 S. University Ave., Ann Arbor. If you are interested in this option, call them for estimates on prices.