Course Schedule

Courses and Times

Please note: All classes that are scheduled for Thursday, July 4 will be held on Friday, July 5 instead.

Course Number Title Instructor(s) Timeslot Classroom
LI502 Agreement and Word Order in Minimalist Syntax Vicki Carstens T4 2330 Mason Hall
LI503 Articulatory Phonetics Pat Keating T3 2330 Mason Hall
LI504 Articulatory Phonology Khalil Iskarous M3 MLB
LI505 Attitudes, Ideologies, Variation, and Change Dennis Preston M1 1401 Mason Hall
LI506 The Bilingual Brain Loraine Obler M3 2336 Mason Hall
LI507 Bilingual Mixed Languages Felicity Meakins M1 2427 Mason Hall
LI508 Bilingualism Pieter Muysken M4 2347 Mason Hall
LI509 Code-switching Ad Backus M3 2407 Mason Hall
LI510 Comparative Syntax Acrisio Pires M4 2353 Mason Hall
LI511 Computational Modeling of Sound Change James Kirby and Morgan Sonderegger T4 2347 Mason Hall
LI512 Computational Psycholinguistics John Hale and Lars Konieczny M1 2330 Mason Hall
LI514 Corpus-based Linguistic Research: From Phonetics to Pragmatics Mark Liberman M3 Aud C
LI515 Derivational Approaches to Minimalist Syntax Sam Epstein, Hisa Kitahara, and Daniel Seely T3 2353 Mason Hall
LI516 The Development of Sociolinguistic Competence in Children Alicia Wassink T4 2325 Mason Hall
LI517 Ethnolinguistic Repertoires in American English Elaine Chun M3 2347 Mason Hall
LI518 Experimental Pragmatics Gregory Ward and William S. Horton M2 2306 Mason Hall
LI519 Field methods
Note: Double credit; all four days
Keren Rice M4/T4 2437 Mason Hall
LI520 Gesture and Gestural Documentation Mandana Seyfeddinipur M2 2427 Mason Hall
LI521 Historical Linguistics Andrew Garrett M1 2336 Mason Hall
LI522 Individual Differences in Sound Change Jeff Mielke and Alan Yu M2 2407 Mason Hall
LI523 Intensional Semantics Ezra Keshet T1 2353 Mason Hall
LI569 Introduction to Computational Linguistics
Also: Meets on Friday, June 28, 1:00-5:00 pm
Jason Eisner T3 1401 Mason Hall
LI524 Introduction to Minimalist Syntax Norbert Hornstein M3 2306 Mason Hall
LI525 Introduction to Morphophonology Adam Albright M2 2347 Mason Hall
LI526 Introduction to Morphosyntax Karlos Arregi M1 2407 Mason Hall
LI527 Introduction to Neurolinguistics Jonathan R. Brennan T4 1401 Mason Hall
LI528 Introduction to Phonology Gillian Gallagher M4 2330 Mason Hall
LI529 Introduction to Psycholinguistics Matt Traxler T1 1401 Mason Hall
LI530 Introduction to Semantics
Note: Monday/Wednesday 11:00-12:50 pm and 5:50-7:20 pm on Tuesady, June 25 (no class Wednesday, July 10)
Eytan Zweig M2 2353 Mason Hall
LI531 Language Acquisition and Grammatical Variability William Snyder M2 MLB
LI533 Language Contact Sally Thomason M2 2336 Mason Hall
LI534 Language Ideology Susan Gal and Judy Irvine T2 2306 Mason Hall
LI565 Language Typology Edward L. Keenan and Laura Kalin T4 2306 Mason Hall
LI532 Language Variation and Thought John A. Lucy T4 2407 Mason Hall
LI535 Lexicography in Natural Language Processing Orin Hargraves T1 2325 Mason Hall
LI536 Linguistic Diversity and Language Change Lyle Campbell T2 1401 Mason Hall
LI537 Linguistics as a Forensic Science Carole E. Chaski T4 2336 Mason Hall
LI538 Machine Learning Steve Abney M2 1401 Mason Hall
LI539 Mixed Effect Models
Note: Meets last 2 weeks only. 3:30-6:00 pm T/Th, and during Friday, July 12
T. Florian Jaeger T4 MLB
LI540 Modeling and Measuring Inflectional Paradigms Andrew Hippisley, Greg Stump, and Raphael Finkel T1 2333 Mason Hall
LI541 The Morphosyntax of Native North American Languages Marianne Mithun T2 2336 Mason Hall
LI542 Phonological Acquisition Anne-Michelle Tessier M1 2333 Mason Hall
LI543 The Phonological Mind Iris Berent M3 2325 Mason Hall
LI544 Pidgins and Creoles: Social and Cognitive Aspects Marlyse Baptista T4 2333 Mason Hall
LI545 Praat Scripting Kevin McGowan T2 or M3 MLB/2353 Mason Hall
LI546 Prosody and Information Structure Angelika Kratzer and Lisa Selkirk M1 2306 Mason Hall
LI547 Python 3 for Linguists Damir Cavar and Malgorzata E. Cavar M1 or
MLB/2347 Mason Hall
LI548 Quantitative and Computational Phonology Bruce Hayes T1 2306 Mason Hall
LI549 The Role of Children in Language Contact and Change Carmel O’Shannessy T2 2325 Mason Hall
LI550 Scalar Implicatures and Grammar Benjamin Spector T3 2325 Mason Hall
LI501 Second Language Acquisition: Universality and Variability Diane Larsen-Freeman M4 2330 Mason Hall
LI551 Semantic Fieldwork Methods Judith Tonhauser T3 2347 Mason Hall
LI552 Sentences and the Social: Representing Syntactic Variation Julie Boland and Lauren Squires M3 2333 Mason Hall
LI568 Social Media as Linguistic Data John Paolillo T1 2347 Mason Hall
LI553 Sociocultural Discourse Analysis Barb Meek and Susan Philips M4 2325 Mason Hall
LI555 Sociophonetics
Note: Meets last two weeks only. 3:30-7:30 pm M/W
Gerry Docherty M4 2427 Mason Hall
LI554 Sociophonetics of Gender and Sexuality Rob Podesva M2 2330 Mason Hall
LI556 Speech Perception Pam Beddor M4 MLB
LI557 Standard English, Prescriptivism, and Language Ideology Anne Curzan T1 2407 Mason Hall
LI558 Statistical Reasoning for Linguistics Stefan Gries M4 2407 Mason Hall
LI559 Structure and Evolution of the Lexicon Janet Pierrehumbert T2 2353 Mason Hall
LI560 Syntactic Typology, Syntactic Theory, and Syntactic Reconstruction Mark Hale T1 2336 Mason Hall
LI561 Syntactic Variation: Sentences and Utterances Ralph Fasold T2 2333 Mason Hall
LI562 Tense, Mood, and Aspect in AAE Lisa Green M1 2325 Mason Hall
LI563 The Third Wave in Sociolinguistics Penelope Eckert and Kathryn Campbell-Kibler T3 2306 Mason Hall
LI564 Tools for Language Documentation Claire Bowern T1 2330 Mason Hall
LI567 Usage-based Models of First and Second Language Acquisition Nick Ellis T3 2336 Mason Hall

Key to Schedule Times

M1 Monday and Wednesday, 9:00am-10:50am
M2 Monday and Wednesday, 11:00am-12:50pm
M3 Monday and Wednesday, 1:30pm-3:20pm
M4 Monday and Wednesday, 3:30pm-5:20pm
T1 Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00am-10:50am
T2 Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00am-12:50pm
T3 Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30pm-3:20pm
T4 Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30pm-5:20pm