Community Living at Michigan

Excerpt From the Community Living at Michigan (CLAM) Policy

July 2012


Prohibited Items

Most of the items listed below have been determined to present unacceptable environmental and fire safety hazards. Other items on the list pose different health or safety risks, interfere with University property or services, and/or are illegal. If any of these articles is found to be in a resident space, the resident(s) will be requested to remove it from the building immediately. If the item is not removed within a specified time frame, or in cases where the safety of residents may be unduly at risk, University Housing reserves the right to impound unauthorized or prohibited personal property. Residents will be held financially and contractually responsible for damages incurred as a result of possession or use of prohibited items. University Housing reserves the right to prohibit or request the removal of additional items on a case by case basis.

air conditioners not owned and installed by University Housing

(Northwood Apartments- contact your Community Center for additional provisions about air conditioners.)

alcohol (for residents under 21), illegal drugs, or prescription drugs without a prescription

(See Alcohol and Other Drugs in communities for more information.)

Bed risers and other materials that elevate the bed or other modular furniture elements that is not shown

in one of the manufacturer’s approved configurations (see Furnishings and Lofts)

candles, incense, oil lamps—lit or unlit in the residence halls

certain technologies and devices (See ResComp Conditions of Use.)

Clothes washers and dryers in Northwood II. Washers and dryers are permitted in Northwood I, and are

installed in Northwood IV and V (See Washer and Dryer Rental Program.)

coffeemakers without an automatic shutoff

drug-related paraphernalia (e.g., bong, pipe)

electric blankets

electric fireplaces

extension cords higher than 16 gauge (e.g. 18 or 20 gauge)

firearms, fireworks, explosives, ammunition

foil-lined cupboards, stove and/or walls

fog machines

gasoline and highly flammable substances

grills (residence halls only)

halogen lamps or bulbs (all types, including clip-on, torchiere and desk styles)

heating pads without an automatic shutoff

hot plates or any cooking appliance with exposed elements

items in basement that prevent easy access to drains and mechanical equipment

locks, latches, or similar devices (for interior or exterior doors) beyond what is provided by University


mercury thermometers

natural, cut trees, branches and/or greens (such as holiday trees, wreaths and garlands)

oil-based popcorn poppers

pets, except as specified in the Pets section of this document

refrigerators not owned by University Housing greater than 5.5-cubic foot capacity and/or amperage
draw of more than 1.5 amps

rice cookers without an automatic shutoff

satellite dishes mounted in any fashion to any interior or exterior area

sleeping pods, capsules or enclosures that interfere with hearing a fire alarm or evacuating a room or building

slow cookers (hotpots)

S’mores makers

space heaters (Northwood Apartments- review the regulated items section for exceptions.)

sub woofers

tanning beds/sun lamps

toasters (exception: Northwood Apartments).


vent covers

warmers for candles or oils

warm-mist humidifiers

waterbeds/water chairs

water pipes (hookahs)

weapons including Airsoft and paintball guns, and any used for decorative or collecting purposes


Regulated Items

All items on the list below must, where applicable, be Underwriters Laboratory (UL)-certified. This is not an all inclusive list; if you are unsure about an item, check with You will be held responsible for damages incurred as a result of unsafe use of permitted items.

Freezers, dishwashers and additional refrigerators are allowed in Northwood IV and V only.

Grills/Barbeque grills: only commercially purchased charcoal or propane may be used in Northwood Apartments. Burning of wood, twigs, dry brush, and other items is prohibited.

Outdoor playground equipment and inflatable toys exceeding six feet in height

Pianos and organs, in two-bedroom Apartments in Northwood I, in two- or three-bedroom and two-bedroom w/study units in Northwood IV and V; not all pianos will fit all locations

Patio furniture is allowed but must remain in patio areas. In the event University personnel are required to move such furniture to conduct their duties, the University will not be responsible for damages.

Residents will be held financially responsible for any labor charges

Propane tanks are allowed outside of the Apartments for use with gas grills only

Surface water pools cannot exceed four feet in diameter and two feet in depth. Children in or around pools must be supervised by a parent or someone charged by the parent with the responsibility of supervision at all times. Pools must be emptied (and stored in a manner that prevents water from collecting) when not in use.

Space heaters (Northwood Apartments only): Portable electric baseboard and flat panel heaters are permitted. These heaters must meet the following criteria: (a) must be electrically powered, (b) must be an oil-filled heater, and (c) must have automatic overheat shut-off protection.


Other items may be prohibited, excluded or regulated, which in the reasonable judgment of University Housing, present a danger to persons or property (notice will be provided to residents.)


Room Alterations and Decorations

Residents are not permitted to paint or structurally alter their rooms/apartments in any way. They may not paint, wallpaper or otherwise change the interior finish, remove, modify or tamper with any room fixture

or component including doors, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, electrical systems, pipe insulation, and safety systems. No items, such as TVs, fans, or wall partitions may be nailed, bolted or otherwise permanently attached to any part of the building. Interior/exterior room door decorations and wall hangings may be hung using only no-nail type picture hangers or masking tape. If there is any question about a decoration, the resident should check with Housing staff. Installation of any type of self-adhesive flooring material or drive nails into floors is not permitted. Do not apply or affix double-sided tape, duct tape, adhesive, or carpet tack strips to floors.