Registration Policies

The registration system and payment systems are now closed.  Please click here to access your course schedule.  Any changes to your schedule or grading options can be made in the Business Office of the Institute through June 28.


  • Course Credit: Participants in the Institute will receive LSA Summer Institute credit for attending the Institute classes, but not University of Michigan credit. All courses are the equivalent of 1 credit courses. If you request it, you will receive an LSA transcript listing the classes you registered for, and the grades you received in them, if you choose to take them for grades. All students who remain throughout the Institute will receive a Certificate of Completion. The Linguistic Society is not an accredited institution, so participants wanting to transfer credit will need to negotiate that with their home institution. In the past, transfer credit using Summer Institute transcripts has not been reported to be a problem, but we can not guarantee that your institution will accept Institute courses for transfer credit.
  • Student status: Undergraduates, graduate students and practicing professionals are all welcome at the Institute! Everyone attending the 2013 Linguistic Institute will simply be classified a participant. We will not have different policies or costs for what have traditionally been labeled students and affiliates.
  • Full course loads/auditing: Participants at the Institute can register for up to five classes, though we consider four classes to be a full load because of the work associated with the courses. In addition, participants will be allowed to attend as many unregistered classes as their schedules, the classroom limits, and the instructors allow.  Classes will run during four time periods on M/W and four time periods on T/TH, so it will be possible for participants to attend up to eight courses regularly. For each class, participants who are registered will have priority over those who aren’t for seating, class resources, and instructor office hours.
  • Course grades: When you register for classes, you will have the option of deciding among three choices: (1) taking the classes as a registered auditor with no evaluation, (2) for a pass/fail grade, or (3) for an actual letter grade.
  • Unregistered Auditing: Faculty and Participants are certainly welcome to audit courses for which they have not registered if the faculty teaching the course agrees and there are seats available. Participants registered for the classes will have priority, both in terms of space in the class and instructor office hour time outside of class. We’ve had some specific questions about courses that are full. In our field methods class, and in classes taught in computer classrooms, the limited resources involved make it impossible for auditors to join the classes. In other classes that have course size limits, you may talk with the instructor about sitting in on the classes.


  • Registration cost: The registration cost for the Institute is $1720. This fee includes registration in as many as 5 courses, as well as the evening and weekend lectures, films, and social events. The fee is the same for participants who are taking courses for grades or auditing classes.
  • Deadlines: You do not need to pay your Institute registration right away.  We have 4 payment dates for the payment of the registration fee that are linked to when you register.  Your place in the classes you have selected is not guaranteed unless you pay the registration fee by the required date.  If you do not pay by this date, you will be dropped from the classes for which you’ve registered.  You can then re-register and pay at a later date; however, we can’t guarantee that the classes you want to take will still be available as some courses are likely to fill early.

    If you register between March 15 and April 15, you must pay by April 15 (11:59 pm EDT).
    If you register between April 16 and May 15, you must pay by May 15 (11:59 pm EDT).
    If you register between May 16 and June 1, you must pay by June 1 (11:59 pm EDT).
    If you register between June 1 and June 15, you must pay, WITH A $150 LATE FEE, by June 15 (11:59 pm EDT).

    If you are awaiting the results of funding applications to cover the cost of the registration fee, please email verification of that (confirmation from an adviser, department administrator, etc.) to
  • Discounts: Two discounts are available to some participants at the Institute. The first is the Michigan Discount, which lowers the registration fee to $850 for students and faculty at universities in the state of Michigan. Second, we offer a discount to participants who are also registering the ICPSR Summer Program.
  • Refund: We will refund registration payments minus a $150 administrative fee through June 15, 2013.
  • Payment Methods: You have three options of paying the Institute registration fee:
  1. The easiest method for paying the Institute registration cost will be through our secure online payment system. You will receive the link to this system after you register for courses.
  2. You may pay by check as long as the check is drawn on a U.S. bank. We cannot accept international checks. For the mailing information, please email
  3. You may pay by wire or bank transfer, from either a US or international bank. For routing information, please email



Institute fellowship applications are now closed.