Institute FAQ

What are the benefits of attending the Institute?

  • Networking with students
  • Networking with top scholars in a variety of fields
  • Intensive study
  • Customizable range of courses covering all major areas of the field as well as emerging and existing interfaces
  • Skills and methods courses
  • Full complement of introductory courses
  • Fill in availability gaps
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Contemporary films
  • Engage in contemporary debates
  • An instructional environment that highlights the interdependence of theory and method

I am from outside the U.S. Am I eligible to attend?

Absolutely! Students from international universities are always welcome at the Institute. Take a look at our page for International Participants.

What kind of housing will be available?

Participants at the Institute may choose to stay in the on-campus block of apartments that will be largely occupied by Institute faculty and participants or look for available housing off campus. The University of Michigan Housing Office has compiled this webpage, which describes the on-campus options and lists their prices.

Because the on-campus apartments have kitchens, which allows participants to stock their own food and supplies, we are not recommending that participants purchase a meal plan through the university. There will be many places of various types to purchase meals on or near campus, and a grocery store and restaurants near the housing site.

There is also a wide variety of sublet options in Ann Arbor during the summer that may suit your needs and desires.  We will post a link to external housing in the spring before the Institute.  Please note that Institute staff have no relationship with any of the sublet options and that we will we not be able to intervene in any problems that may arise.  All sublet agreements are between the sublettor and the sublettee (you).

Are there fellowship opportunities for the Institute?

The fellowship applications for the 2013 Linguistic Institute are now closed.

I'm not a student. Can I still attend the Institute?

Definitely.  The LSA Linguistic Summer Institute has a long tradition of welcoming participants at all stages of their linguistic inquiry.  Undergraduates, graduate students and practicing professionals are most welcome.

Can I get credit for Institute courses?

Participants in the Institute will receive LSA Summer Institute credit for attending the Institute classes. All courses are 1 credit courses. If you request it, you will receive an LSA transcript listing the classes you registered for, and the grades you received in them, if you choose to take them for grades. All students who remain throughout the Institute will receive a Certificate of Completion. The Linguistic Society is not an accredited institution, so participants wanting to transfer credit will need to negotiate that with their home institution. Suggestions and additional information that may be helpful for transferring credit is available on our page titled ‘Negotiating Transfer Credit.’ 

How many classes can I take at the Institute?

Participants at the Institute can register for up to five classes, though we consider four classes to be a full load because of the work associated with the courses. In addition, participants will be allowed to attend as many unregistered classes as their schedules, the classroom limits, and the instructors allow.  Classes will run during four time periods on M/W and four time periods on T/TH, so it will be possible for participants to attend up to eight courses regularly. For each class, participants who are registered will have priority over those who aren’t for seating, class resources, and instructor office hours.

Are Institute courses graded?

When you register for classes, you will have the option of deciding among three choices: (1) taking the classes as a registered auditor with no evaluation, (2) for a pass/fail grade, or (3) for an actual letter grade.

How do I register for the Institute?

Registration for the Institute will be done through this website.  The registration system will open on March 15. Find out more information here.

Will we have classes on the 4th of July?

No, we will have a picnic for all Institute participants on the 4th of July. The classes that would otherwise have met that day will meet the following day (Friday, July 5) instead.

What is the Institute mascot?

The Institute mascot is a Wolverine and was drawn by Sally Thomason for the Institute.  The Wolverine is the mascot of the University of Michigan 

What if I have a question that's not answered here?

Please write to us at We really enjoy getting messages from our participants, so don’t hesitate to write!

Please note the following important information for any Institute participant who does not have health insurance: We strongly recommend that you purchase health insurance for the duration of your stay at the Linguistic Institute, as the Institute and the University of Michigan are not responsible for any medical costs incurred while you are here. Information about short-term health insurance is available at the link below.  U-M does not endorse the health insurance provider connected to this link: