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The 2013 Linguistic Institute is jointly sponsored by the Linguistic Society of America and the University of Michigan

Universality and Variability
June 24-July 19, 2013

The 2013 Institute theme reflects the unusual synergies currently emerging in our field tied to exploring and modeling what is invariant about human language while also working to understand the complexities of linguistic variability. These synergies necessarily involve basic research concerning fundamental aspects of linguistic knowledge and the integration of diverse approaches to linguistic study, particularly as linked to the study of language as a cognitive endowment and process and the study of language as a central component of human cultures, social action and perception. With increased scholarly attention being directed toward the gradient characteristics of both linguistic knowledge and use and toward the probabilistic properties that language knowledge and use may exhibit, our theme reflects the belief that continued advances to the discipline are likely to be tied to the fundamental interdependence of these diverse approaches.

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Please note the following important information for any Institute participant who does not have health insurance: We strongly recommend that you purchase health insurance for the duration of your stay at the Linguistic Institute, as the Institute and the University of Michigan are not responsible for any medical costs incurred while you are here. Information about short-term health insurance is available at the link below.  U-M does not endorse the health insurance provider connected to this link: http://www.ehealthinsurance.com/short-term-health-insurance/find-coverage/

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