For Workshop Participants

For Workshop Participants

In addition to the classes offered at the Institute, there are 17 different workshops happening on the weekends during the Institute. We know that there are many people who will attend one or more workshops but who will not be registered as regular Institute participants. This page contains information for such workshop participants.


Relationship between the Institute and the Workshops

Although the workshops are happening during the Institute, and on the campus of the University of Michigan, the workshops are formally independent of the Institute. If you have any questions about a specific workshop, you should therefore contact the workshop organizers directly.


Registration for workshops

The organisers of each workshop are managing the registration for their workshops. Some workshops require formal registration, others are open to drop-in attendees. Some require a small registration fee, others are free. Please confirm the details about registration procedures on the website for the particular workshops that you plan to attend.


Internet access

In order to gain access to the University’s wireless network, you need a University username and password. If you are not registered as a regular Institute participant, you will not be able to use the regular University wireless network. Do not despair, however! You may use a limited network, MGuest, that is available in many locations on campus, including Mason Hall. There are also multiple coffee shops in the area surrounding campus where you can get free wireless internet access. Many of these are, in fact, right across the street from Mason Hall where all of the workshops will take place.


Institute classes

Unless you are registered as regular Institute participant, you will not be able to attend any of the Institute classes.


Other Insitute events

In addition to the Institute classes, there are many other events happening at the Institute. These include evening lectures, screening of language related documentary films, and more. Many of these are scheduled for Thursday evenings, when workshops participants may already be in Ann Arbor. You are welcome to attend any of these events. Full information about these events are available through links on the Institute Events Calendar. Please note that the reception following Noam Chomsky’s lecture is open only to registered Institute participants. The lecture itself is open to the public.


Travel to Ann Arbor

Traveling by air:

Ann Arbor is located in southeastern Michigan, just 20 miles from the Detroit International Airport (DTW).

A local company, Golden Limo, is offering a shuttle service between the Detroit Airport and Ann Arbor (with stops in both Northwood and Central Campus) on the days immediately preceding and following the Institute. A round trip shuttle ticket through this service is $75 and a one-way ticket is $40. You can make the reservations and pay here (you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the page, past the field trip information.)

The University maintains a webpage with information about the airport and other options transportation between the airport and Ann Arbor.


Traveling by train or bus:

The University of Michigan offers pages with information on traveling to Ann Arbor on Amtrak and Greyhound. Both Amtrak and Greyhound have stations in downtown Ann Arbor. Megabus also provides service to Ann Arbor.


For information on transportation within Ann Arbor, click here.



Three of the hotels below have room blocks for Linguistic Institute participants, and the fourth, the Ann Arbor Bed and Breakfast, will offer our participants a discount.  Ann Arbor has a tremendous number of visitors during the summer and these hotels will almost certainly be completely booked with the exception of our room blocks, so please be sure to make your reservations before the block is released.

The Campus Inn: This hotel is adjacent to campus, a 5-minute walk from our workshop sites. The cost per night for a single room will be approximately $161/night. Guests can make reservations by calling 734-769-2200 and specifying that they are part of the Linguistic Institute room block. The rooms must be reserved 30 days before the start of the workshop, or the rooms will be released to the general public.

The Ann Arbor Bed and Breakfast: This small B&B has only 9 guest rooms, but is very close to Central Campus, only a 5-minute walk from our workshop site. Each guest room has a private en suite bathroom, free breakfast, and free wi-fi. The rooms normally range from $169-$249 per night, but if you specify that you are with an event that is part of the Linguistic Institute, they will discount the room rental price by 20%. Guests can make arrangements by calling 734-994-9100 or booking directly at

The Inn at the Michigan League: This hotel is actually the top floor of a campus building, within sight of the location of most of the workshops. The price per night of a single room is around $145, and guests can make reservations by calling 734-764-3177  and mentioning that they are part of the Linguistic Institute room block. The rooms must be reserved 30 days before the start of the workshop, or the rooms will be released to the general public.

Holiday Inn: This hotel is newly built and located about three miles from campus. The hotel will provide van shuttle service for participants as long as the guests arrange it ahead of time (by calling and letting the hotel know when they will need to go to campus). Single rooms will cost $109 per night. The rooms must be reserved 30 days before the start of the workshop, or the rooms will be released to the general public. Guests can make reservations by calling 734-213-1900, or by clicking on the following weekend-specific links:

June 21-23 Meeting: Click Here to Reserve at Holiday Inn & Suites

June 28-30 Meeting: Click Here to Reserve at Holiday Inn & Suites

July 6-7 Meeting: Click Here to Reserve at Holiday Inn & Suites

July 11-14 Meeting: Click here to Reserve at Holiday Inn & Suites


There are many taxicab companies in Ann Arbor, and  Ann Arbor Convention Visitors Bureau’s has compiled the following list. No endorsement or recommendation of any company is implied. Any mentioned companies are provided merely as an information resource.

#1 Airport Blue Limo 1-877-389-7332

#1 Ann Arbor/Detroit Metro Airport Shuttle (734) 507-9220

A-1 Airport Cars 1-877-276-1335, 734-642-0010

A Cab and Treetown Transportation (734) 213-1100

Aaron’s Big House Taxi (734) 761-1111

Across Town Cab (734) 216-5932

All Points Taxi (734) 678-4412

Amazing Blue Taxi (734) 846-0007

Ann Arbor Cab (734) 272-8009

Ann Arbor Taxi (734) 214-9999

Argus Cab Company (734) 944-3094, (734) 741-9000

Blue Cab Co. (734) 547-2222

Campus Cab (734) 444-5354

Custom Transit (734) 971-5555

Michigan Green Cab (877) 476-8294

Reliable Taxi (734) 637-6130

University Taxi (734) 368-4800

Veteran’s Cab (734) 662-4477

Yellow Cab (734) 663-3355