7/08 COSIAC Workshop: Professional Development with Anna Marie Trester (Georgetown University)

Monday, July 8, 2013 7 pm
Room 2306, Mason Hall

Whither Linguistics: Oh The Places You’ll Go!

This interactive workshop looks at career exploration through a linguistic lens. I begin by sharing career paths of linguists, then – turning to the series of texts and interactions which comprise job searching – I demonstrate how a linguist’s eye is invaluable in navigating these highly textual genres and in presenting oneself professionally.

Three core linguistic ideas covered:

1) enacting a deictic shift from that of student to professional, moving from focusing on why you want/need a particular job to thinking about why THEY want/need you. 

2) deconstructing some of the unproductive metaphors and framing which shape thinking about the job hunt, and the notion of a perfect job

3) adopting a narrative approach

The goal of the workshop is to increase students’ awareness of how language – especially narrative – works in various sectors of the work force and helps job seekers better connect with their audiences.