Social Media as Linguistic Data

John Paolillo – Indiana University
Course time: Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-10:50 am
2347 Mason Hall

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The “information age” has brought with it an explosion of new kinds of communication, from electronic mail to discussion forums, chat, weblogs, texting, video sharing and many other hybrid modes. Millions of people participate on a daily basis in these “Social Media”, presenting new opportunities and challenges for linguistic research. Social media often offer readily available data, allowing both the content and context of ordinary communication to be studied as it never has before. At the same time, the scale of the available data, its sometimes uncertain provenance, and the constantly evolving status of the supporting media raise significant challenges for analysis. This course addresses the analysis of language in social media, through systematic exploration of current research literature on social media, focusing especially on the uses of computational techniques for the analysis of both language and context.

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