Statistical Reasoning for Linguistics

Stefan Gries – University of California, Santa Barbara
Course time: Monday/Wednesday 3:30-5:20 pm
2407 Mason Hall

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This course is aimed at beginners in statistics and will cover (1) the theoretical foundations of statistical reasoning as well as (2) selected practical applications. As for (1), we will discuss notions such as (different types of) variables, operationalization, (null and alternative) hypotheses, additive and interactive effects, significance testing and p-values, model(ing) and model selection, etc. As for (2), we will be concerned with how to annotate and prepare data for statistical analysis using spreadsheet software, how to use the open-source language and environment R <>) to

- explore data visually using a multitude of graphs (an important precursor to any kind of statistical analysis) and exploratory statistical tools (e.g., cluster analysis);

- conduct some basic statistical tests;

- explore briefly more advanced statistical regression modeling techniques.

The course will be leaning on the second edition of my textbook on statistics for linguists (to be published 2013 by Mouton de Gruyter). Examples will include observational and experimental data from a variety of linguistic sub-disciplines.

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